WAVES IR1 Convolution Reverb Pictures

The Pictures

This data base is only illustrating the presets names in the IR1 convolution reverb by Waves.

These pictures can be useful to have an idea of how each preset sounds.


These environment pictures are from the web.

If you have a better or a missing picture of a named place, please Contact me to help update this document.

Thank you.


You can also download the Waves pdf files here :

Waves IRx Album_part 1


Waves IRx Album_part 2


Waves IRx Album_part 3

Amphitheaters - Siracusa

Amphitheaters - Taormina

Arena - London

Arena - Wembley

Auditorium - Atherton Hall - Stockton

Auditorium - Parma auditorium

Auditorium - Ryman Auditorium

Auditorium - Stanford Dinkelspiel Auditorium

Ballrooms - BlackPool Tower

Ballrooms - Floral Hall

Ballrooms - Manhattan Center

Churches - First unitarian church

Churches - Belle Meade Methodist Church

Churches - Lake Park Methodist Church

Inside picture needed. If you can provide a picture of the inside, please contact me.

Churches - Nevsky Church

Churches - Presidio Chapel

Churches - St John Church - SF

Churches - St Paul Chapel

Churches - Stanford Memorial Church

Churches - Stirling Castle - Royal Chapel

Churches - Trinity Church

Churches - York Minster

Clubs - Birdland

Clubs - Bluebird Cafe

Clubs - CBGB

Clubs - High Noon Saloon

Clubs - The Bottom Line

Clubs - The Forum


If you have a picture of this place, please contact me to help update this document.

Clubs - The Kitchen

Clubs - The Knitting Factory

Clubs - TLV Main Room

Concert halls - Barbican Center

Concert hall - Birmingham Symphony Hall

Concert halls - Clairmont

Concert halls - Disney Hall

Concert halls - Dundee Caird Hall

Concert halls - Glazunov Recital Room

Concert halls - Herbert Zipper Hall

Concert halls - Ingram Hall

Concert halls - Kirishima

Concert halls - Rome Santa Cecilia - Small

Concert halls - Rome Santa Cecilia - Medium

Concert halls - Rome Santa Cecilia - Large

Concert halls - Royal Festival Hall London

Concert halls - Snape Maltings

Concert halls - Sydney Opera House - Concert Hall

Concert halls - Uhara

Hallways - Elevator hallway

Hallways - Skyscraper Stairwell

Medium halls - Azrieli Hall

Medium halls - Knights Halls

Medium halls - San Francisco Columbarium

Medium halls - Sydney Opera House - The Studio

Medium halls - Stirling Castle - Great Hall

Opera houses - SOH - Opera Theater of Sydney

Opera houses - Teatro Valli

Opera houses  - York Opera House

Recording Studios - Cello Studio 1

Recording Studios - Cello Reverb Chamber 3

Recording Studios - Hamon Studios

Recording Studios - Konway studio

Recording Studios - Masterphonics

Recording Studios - Schnee Studios

Recording studio - Signet Sound Studio A

Recording Studios - Sound Emporium Studio B

Recording Studios - Sound on Sound

Recording Studios - Stockton Studio C

Recording Studios - Town House Studio


Recording Studios - Westlake Audio-Studio D

Scoring stages - Todd-AO Scoring

Small rooms - JamSync Bathroom